Free TiVo 1TB Expander Drive When You Purchase A TiVo Media Device In July

30 June 2010

For anybody planning on buying Tivo in the next month, make sure to follow these instructions to get a free 1TB Expander Drive (currently priced at $248 @ DSE right now)

How to redeem:

1. Purchase a TiVo Media device between 28th May and 31st July (see Terms and Conditions)
2. Before 14 August, activate your TiVo by going to "Activate Product" on the main page of this website
3. Before 14 August, open a CASPA Wallet. During the activation process you will be asked to set up a CASPA wallet using a credit card - take this option. Don't worry you won't be charged anything against this Credit Card unless you choose to rent pay per view content on the CASPA service.
4. Before 14 August, go to the redemption page in this section of the Website. Enter your delivery and contact details along with your store receipt number, date of purchase and place of purchase. Retain your receipts as proof of purchase.
5. Our redemption page will confirm that your TiVo has been activated and your CASPA wallet is set up.
6. A $9.90 delivery charge will apply. You will be asked to enter your credit card details for the delivery amount.
7. A confirmation email will be sent to you confirming your bonus offer redemption.
8. You will also receive another confirmation email when your goods are being dispatched.

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