Free shipping for web orders over $99 @ Dick Smith's

23 June 2007

For a short while only, DSE are offering free freight for web orders over $99! This is free freight Australia wide. This is pretty good, as shipping can sometimes be a killer on a deal.

For a limited time only we are offering "FREE FREIGHT" to our online shoppers!
How does the "Free Freight" offer work?

1. Just place an order with us online at for over $99 in value and we will send it "FREE of FREIGHT" to anywhere in Australia.

2. If you are eligible for the "FREE FREIGHT" offer, simply select "FREE FREIGHT" when selecting your shipping method.

3. The "FREE FREIGHT" offer is only valid from 6pm EST 15th June and finishes at 11:59pm EST Monday 2nd July 2007. Minimum Purchase is $99.

4. Unfortunately the "FREE FREIGHT" offer is not valid for international orders or orders for any TV, this includes Plasmas, LCDs or CRTs.

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