FREE Ozstock Day - 2 x ADSL Broadband Telephone Line Filter Splitter.

17 May 2009

2 x ADSL Broadband Telephone Line Filter Splitter.
You pay $5.90 postage per 2 Line Filters.
That works out to $2.95 each.

I'm unsure whether they are both splitter/filters or one splitter/filter and one filter.


  • fishmonkey
    a few things to keep in mind: 1. not all filters are created equal... 2. these are listed as ADSL filters, so they are not suitable if you have an ADSL2/2+ broadband connection... 3. poor filters can seriously degrade the quality of your phone connection (especially if you use cordless phones) and ADSL connection... 4. if you are already having trouble with your connections, it is worth trying quality certified and standards compliant filters... 5. having a single central filter/splitter is generally more trouble-free than having filters scattered throughout your house...
  • rthomson
    Good point but no ones going to go broke giving these a try first especially as a central splitter / filter is much more expensive as it has to be installed by licensed technician. Having said that, a central splitter/filter is as you say the best answer and indeed a must if you have a hard wired device such as a monitored alarm system or more than 3 or 4 other devices attached to the phone line.
  • fishmonkey
    they might well be good units and work well, but given there is very little info on them, it would be a matter of trial and error, as you say... i provided the info so that people who do give them a go have some idea of how they might affect their phone and broadband systems...

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