FREE Ozstock Day: 1.5m Retractable RJ45 Network Cable

5 March 2009

There was a user in the "freebies" section wanting to know a cheap place to get 1 meter of cat5.

This isn't Cat5 but figured I'd post anyway!

2 FREE Ozstock Day's in a row! Today you will get a retractable RJ45 network cable, as usual, you pay for the p & h, we will fix the rest.

I know, it's just a cable, nothing too hi-tech, "but where the hell were you when you were needed?!"

Well, now is your best time to get one and carry it with you in your laptop bag all the time instead of having a whole roll of thick and dirty blue cable (I usually refer to it as blue cable regardless of its colour) all tangled up and taking up all the precious space in the already crowded laptop bag. Now, you won't be caught unconnected ever again!


Retractable, max length up to 1.5 metres
3 extension stages (3 lengths)
Flat, translucent wiring

Maximum length: 4.92ft / 1.5m Approximately
Package Includes:

1x Retractable Network Cable 1.5m

1 month

Immediate dispatch


  • admin EDITOR
    Didnt they have one of these deals but for an iphone charger recently?
  • Kotche
    Yeah they sometimes have deals where the items is $0 and you just pay for shipping.
  • sum1
    If anyone still wants one of these, there's an ]abundance of them on ebay delivered to your door for less than half the $5.90 Ozstock wanted... Or you could go ]here and it'll get from China to your letterbox for only $1.78 USD.
  • odysseus
    The comments there are telling though e.g. "The Network Retractable Cable just isn't really long enough for some people, kind of in that situation. The Network Retractable Cable also is kind of bad because the line gets caught/twisted from being extended. The material for the cord feels very cheap like garbage cheap to be honest."

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