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18 December 2007 2.0: A Choice for A Real Change AND ITS FREE!!! No Fee's for upgrades either!!! _ MAC users see Neo Office link posted at end of this text rather than click the link on the side released the long-awaited version 2.3.1 of its free office suite for Windows, Mac and Linux with a new database module, support for the OpenDocument file format, a fresh user interface, and plenty of improvements and bug fixes. 2.3.1 is the first open source office suite to offer thorough support for the Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) OASIS Standard. OpenDocument is an XML file format that was developed by OASIS, the international body for the development and ratification of e-Business standards. The OpenDocument format can be used by any office application without fear of vendor specific lock-in or onerous licensing terms and fees, with the confidence that documents can be viewed, edited and printed for generations to come.

The suite now also offers a database module, Base, to complement the word processor (Writer), spreadsheet manager (Calc), presentation manager (Impress) and drawing tool (Draw) modules. These give all users the tools they need to be productive in the modern world. Free for all, offers everyone the enduring freedoms to use, study, improve and share the software.

With a new user interface, 2.3.1 is easy to learn and use by the most inexperienced user, and is mostly compatible with Microsoft Office files. Supported by dozens of professional companies, 2.3.1 will be available in more than 60 languages. Able to run on Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, Sun Solaris and other platforms, is increasingly the choice of businesses and governments throughout the world, and earlier versions have been downloaded over 49 million times since the project's inception.

See a review here - or do a google search openoffice review for more.,289483,sid39_gci1275483,00.html

Sorry - for those wanting the native Mac version go here

NeoOffice is the OSX port of OpenOffice and its also free


  • admin EDITOR
    Is it any good in your personal experience ozpete ?
  • lilpretzel
    ** Note To Download You Need A P2P Program! ** Download via BitTorrent, eMule, or other P2P networks. :santa:
  • admin EDITOR
    you thinking of using it lilpretzel ?
  • kearnsy
    there are a some Australian mirrors of Open Office already. For instance I can download the file off the Internode Mirror and because I am an internode customer the download is not metered. I would check to see if your ISP already has these files mirrored it should be faster and depending on your ISP it maybe counted as unmetered content.
  • ozpete
    NO need to use bit torrent etc etc - its free to download from the site listed. Click the download option above the P2P option Good idea Kearnsey to check your ISP for free download - ie does not affect bandwidth usage. Admin - yes I have and DO use it. Why pay MS when it does everything that I need and can interchange files with MS Office. frankly except for a few slight differences I cant fault it, and it has the feel of MS office before they messed with the interface in 2007 - which frankly is not easy to use and takes a steep learning curve.
  • Mikes
    downloaded Neooffice for the mac - looks really good so far - Thanks
  • admin EDITOR
    Mike - be interested to hear your thoughts once you've given it a hammering.
  • Mikes
    Mike - be interested to hear your thoughts once you've given it a hammering.
    Not sure about the hammering, but I've been using it for sometime and I give it a thumbs up. Better than Office 2007 with excel as I cant get my head around the new excel menu's. which I would love to know why they changed them as it wasn't broke before. As I am not a student and don't feel like claiming I am one - to me that's "semi" piracy, I really feel comfortable with this Open Office and the price can't be beat. Thanks to the original poster for this....
  • admin EDITOR
    Thanks mikes.
  • Emma EDITOR
    A friend of mine uses it... loves it. But hates microsoft! lol
  • raman
    I have used Neo Office. It is real slow to load in my iBook and the rendering of some of the Word documents are not that good. Needs to be made more native to Mac. Hope some open standard for documents becomes popular. I tried using the Office 2008 beta for Mac and in the hope of making some features easy to notice, Microsoft has put others deep down somewhere lol.
  • Mikes
    Raman There are a number of things you can do to improve the load speed of Neo Office and Open Office For both platforms you can follow this link for details on closing down java and memory tweaks (turning off Java disables the database functions) For OpenOffice there is a speed up option using preloader.
  • trevorf
    My experiences from OpenOffice, haven't been that great. I initially was drawn by the fact that it was open source programming. I did try it out some versions ago, and tried Sun's commercial version. It's an alright alternative, though when I attempted to open a document which I created in Office 07, OpenOffice failed to recognise some of the formating I applied to a word document. So for now, I still use Office 07.
  • Mikes
    I agree OpenOffice is not as great as Office 2007. I guess my point is that at $0 vs normal RRP of Office 2007, it's not just good value, it's a bargain Friends have Office 2007 like it better and obtained it via student discount, which at that price it's probably better value. But I'm not a student and I don't want to claim I am one just to get Office 2007... which also can be had for $0 if I want to pirate it. Even Office 2003 can't open some of Office 2007 files... Horses for courses and this is a Bargain sharing site. Kmart shoes don't compare in features to Julius Marlow etc

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