Free modem + get connected for free at iinet

15 June 2007

If you connect to the iinetwork on a 24 month agreement, they will connect you for free. Saving you up to $79.95. And if you bundle with phone or VOIP, we'll also give you a free ADSL2+ modem. This has a maximum saving of $188!

* You'll need to sign up on a 24 month agreement for the offer to apply.
* If you decide to close your account before the end of the 24 month agreement, you'll need to pay back the costs that we waived. But don't worry, you won't have to pay out the remainder of your broadband agreement.
* If you decide to close your account in the first 6 months, an early termination fee of $69 also applies.
* Offer not applicable in conjunction with any other iiNet offer or promotion.
* Offer ends 30 June 2007.


  • admin EDITOR
    ha - that its a 24 month agreement is a bit wacky - you sign up for 24 months although they wont hold you to it..... so they will allow you to break and only take the free connection bits back. Good on them for allowing you to break. Its pretty commonplace that you find a penalty payment on early break and just as common that they scumbags want to hit you for the full contractual period.
  • nod
    24 months is a long time to be locked into a contract but it is fair that they will let you out... once you pay the $180 back of course. But still better than having to fork out for the full contract. Thanks for the tip Brad Well worth a bit more investigation if you are looking for a new ISP - thanks

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