Free HP A310 printer when you buy 3 HP ink packs

7 December 2006

You need to purchase 3 specially marked HP ink cartridge packs.
Now this is a lot of ink but if you consider that the ink packs are about $30-40, you spend about $100-120 and receive a printer worth $150. You need to pay the $20 postage, but you could still be $30 ahead if you get a good deal on the ink.
You have to make sure that they are the marked ink packets, which may pose a problem buying online. But you can pick up HP ink at most places. So anyone that knows of a store with a good deal, please post a comment to this thread.
The printer is via redemption. When you buy the ink, you can come back here and use the 'go to deal' link or go straight to the HP site.
The printer: Photosmart A310 photo printer - a nice little printer for nothing!
Offer ends 31/12/2006


  • nod
    HP ink packs - the marked ones - are $35 at Australia Post :p
  • admin EDITOR
    thats a good deal... nice one

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