Free E65 or N73 or SE W880i on $49 cap + Free Bluetooth headset or magazine subscription + $55 Cashb

23 August 2007

Just $49 a month on a 24 month Contract gets you:
Free mobile of your choice (save $799)
- Nokia E65 or
- Nokia N73 or
- SE W880i

Plus Free 12 month magazine subscription (worth up to $297) or Bluetooth headset (BlueAnt V12 LCD Bluetooth headset worth $129)

Plus A massive $310 monthly credit to use on talk & TXT to anyone, anywhere at anytime.

Extra monthly Bonus. Simply choose the one you like best:
- 100 free Vodafone to Vodafone mins
- 100 free TXTs
- 50% off international calls
- 5% donation of your monthly cap to charity
Be quick, this offer ends midnight this Sunday August 26th.


  • sab988
  • admin EDITOR
    I actually reckon this works out to be a very good deal myself - so I've given you a hot sab - would have been nice to be able to get it on the $30 plan but alas twas not to be. There's quite a bit more info on what it will cost you, what value you get etc in ]this thread, which on a similar vein to this one.
  • nod
    The $310 credit does make it a nice offer from Vodaphone And of course the $55 cashback :)
  • admin EDITOR
    in case anyone is thinking about taking one of these up Vodaphone is ending their cashback offer end of day tomorrow. I suspect it'll probably be replaced by something else but we'll need to wait and see.

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