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15 October 2010

News from Telstra
It is no secret that Telstra is changing and for the better. At the centre of this is looking at ways we can better serve our customers. One way to do this is to no longer charge customers a fee for unlocking an Apple® iPhone they purchased from us.

All iPhones purchased from Telstra are locked to the Telstra mobile phone network and as a default will only work with a Telstra SIM card. This will still be the case.

Many of you have told us that when you travel overseas you would like the ability to put a local operators SIM into your iPhone. However the network lock prevents you from doing this.

Were now removing the fee to unlock your handset to give you the freedom to change the SIM in your iPhone when you travel overseas.

We are still confident, however, that the speed and reliability of the Telstra Next G network means you will have a better iPhone experience with us.

If you have purchased an iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 from Telstra and would like to remove the network lock restriction, all you need to do is contact Telstra.

When you contact us, make sure you have your details: your mobile number, your iPhone serial number and your iPhone IMEI number. You can locate these by pressing the Settings app, scroll down and select General then press the About tab.

Telstra removes unlock fee for Apple iPhone for jet-setting Aussies
To complete the unlock process you need to make sure you have the latest iTunes software on your computer. Once the unlocking has been processed, the next time you tether your iPhone to your computer, iTunes will unlock the phone.

Consumers: call 1800 iPhone (1800 474 663).

Business: call 1800 027 167 or contact your Telstra account representative.

Enterprise and government: simply contact your Telstra account representative.


  • enthusiast
    Fantastic! Telstra is really starting to listen to its customers. Good move!
  • ninkasi
    FYI I'm with Virgin mobile, and they also don't charge to unlock the iPhone. Some time ago I just logged onto the website, requested it, and both my wife and my iPhones were unlocked the next day. Went to Hong Kong a week or two ago, and got a Three sim (just walked into a 7 Eleven and handed over the cash - no driver license malarkey there!) for ]HK$98 (less than AUD$14) and it lasted the week - mainly used it for data. If I'd been there for a little longer I would have paid a ]little more and had free wifi included in the deal. A bonus was that we use mynetfone for mobile/interstate calls, and we have a credit each month for international calls we rarely touch. As such all the calls my wife made to my temporary HK number ended up being free..... :D

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