FocalPrice - 3.5mm Audio Splitter Adapter - 59c & Free Shipping

5 November 2009

Focalprice's deal of the week is a 3.5mm headphone splitter for 59c & free shipping too!

I just bought it there now, though I havn't ordered from them before they apparently take a while even though it says 5-12 days to Oz, probably like Deal Extreme.

It probably isn't the best quality etc, but worth a try for 59c!


  • admin EDITOR
    I've been thinking I need to get one of these for a while. Am using airtunes to run the speakers I use but of course airtunes is crap for running video off 90% of things because of the sound lag, so I usually end up unplugging out of the airport each time I want to watch something off the computer, which is annoying.
  • golfwidow
    Thanks taskel. Needed one of these for the portable DVD player :)

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