- Xbox Wireless Controller $14.22 with free shipping!

26 March 2012

This one seems too good to be true. I have not dealt with Fishpond before so any feedback would be great but this is just a crazy price as they usually go for $35-$55 plus.

Shipping is included Aus wide.


  • Pookie
    I bought a controller anyway as I only had I get to see what they are like for myself :)
  • Christo
    I have used Fishpond on a number of occasions yo buy the same controller, a nerf gun, wii controller etc and they are reliable and the products are genuine BUT be prepared for a long wait. It seems that "they always run out of stock due to heavy demand" or a delay in shipment from their chief provider etc. I waited 10 weeks for the Xbox controller, 6 weeks for the wii and 8 weeks for the nerf gun. I think I have only had one item out of about 6 arrive within a 2 week period. So great products with dirt cheap prices but be prepared to wait. BTW they always keep you informed and give you a chance of a refund.
  • Pookie
    Thanks Christo, I dont mind waiting for something like this. I suppose if I was desperate for it I would have probably walked into a Harvey Norman etc. I may get it in time for Xmas...
  • SpendThrift
    They must have sold out pretty quickly, or had very limited stock, as the page now says, "This item is currently unavailable." :-(
  • Pookie
    At that price I'm surprised it it took two days to show up as sold out.
  • Pookie
    I just got this email from Fishpond...booo: We have found a pricing error for Xbox 360 - Wireless Controller in this order. For this reason, this title has been cancelled from your order. Despite our best efforts, occasionally pricing errors do occur and we have no choice but to cancel the product from your order. We do apologise for any inconvenience caused. Kind Regards Jennie Fishpond Customer Services Team

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