Exetel - Awesome Value Broadband Deals

7 May 2009

I moved our work broadband to Exetel a few months back to save a few bob and haven't looked back since!

They offer ADSL 2+, Naked DSL, ADSL 1 and Wireless (3G) plans.

ADSL 2+ plans START from $35 a month (or $40 a month with $15 line rental) and an 6GB of peak downloads and 56 GB off peak. Yes, 56 GB - that is not a typo!

Naked DSL plans START at $45 a month and also have incredible download allowances!

Even if you are currently getting your internet for less than $35 a month, it is probably only ADSL 1 which is at best a quarter the speed of ADSL 2+. And if it is ADSL 2+, it certainly won't offer such incredible download allowances!

On top of this, all of their plans come with

* A free VOIP account to make and RECEIVE calls, with 100 FREE VOIP calls each month to standard national landlines
* 20 Email Addresses
* 200 MB Web Hosting
* A free online SMS facility with 30 free SMS's to Australian mobiles each month
* Free static IP
* Uploads not counted in your download allowance

I really can't recommend these guys enough. They made the 2008 BRW Fast 100 list and are definitely one to keep an eye on.


  • frogduck
    that seems like a really good deal, however i'm still with my isp on contract so I cant change :) nice find
  • scubacoles
    Exetel do not have a good reputation on Whirlpool.. With ISP's you generally get what you pay for.
  • closey
    I find exetel to be pretty good - their customer service is more oriented towards those that are technically minded, so you are fine so long as you have a nerdy friend I reckon :)

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