Eurolab Portable Audio at Deals Direct $39.95 delivered

1 December 2006

Now Eurolab are not the top end of the market but the price on this unit at DD is really good. Ebayers are selling it for $69.95 and up - not including delivery.
DD are feeling generous and are offering free delivery on this item (and a few others), until 5pm AEST 8/12/2006.
What you get:
Mini sound system for ipod, ipod nano, computer, Mp3 or portable CD player
Dock for ipod, 10/15/20/30GB or ipod mini
3.5mm stereo cable for secondary input
AC power adaptor
Instruction manual

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  • Gibbo
    Does anyone know what the sound is like out of these sorts of units. I like the idea but always suspect they'd be canny, mind you the Bose ones should make a good sound.

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