Engin Voice Box 2 $69 @ Dick Smith

25 April 2007

I also noticed that Dick Smith are selling the voice box series 2 for 69 which is also available online from their website.

The Voicebox 1 is an SIPURA SPA3000
Out of the box they are unlocked but when u connect them to the internet, the engin sends a string that locks them to engin. Therefore if you are intending to use the voice box with any other VoIP provider, i recommend u read this link before connecting your voicebox to the internet http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies-archive.cfm/281921.html

Plus their are rumors that engin is offering $50 cashback if u buy and register an engin product before 30 April 2007

And dont forget the $99 free calls to be used over 3 months if u register your engin voice box before 30 April 2007

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    how do their rates stack up sab? So if you want to use it primarily for interstate calls, and once you factor in the cost of getting it and the monthly acct fee does it work out cheaper ?

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