Engin Voice Box 1 for $34.50 @ Dick Smith

25 April 2007

Ok .. Another ausome deal .. while walking in Dick Smith today, i noticed that they are selling the voice box 1 for 34.50 which is also available online from their website.

The Voicebox 1 is an SIPURA SPA2000 also known as a Linksys PAP2. Out of the box they are unlocked but when u connect them to the internet, the engin sends a string that locks them to engin. Therefore if you are intending to use the voice box with any other VoIP provider, i recommend u read this link before connecting your voicebox to the internet http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies-archive.cfm/281921.html

Plus their are rumors that engin is offering $50 cashback if u buy and register an engin product before 30 April 2007

And dont forget the $99 free calls to be used over 3 months if u register your engin voice box before 30 April 2007


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