Eneloop Battery Charger with 4 x AA Ready To Use Eneloop Batteries $30 delivered

1 August 2007

Going Sking and need reliable batteries for the trip, well these Eneloop batteries are said to be the answer.

Heres the blurb:
Eneloop is a new type of NiMH consumer battery developed by Sanyo, the world's largest portable rechargeable battery manufacturer.

Eneloop features very low self discharge which makes them ideal for virtually all situations where alkaline batteries are currently used.
Normal NiMH batteries provide much more power to high drain devices compared to alkaline batteries but they can lose most of their charge in a matter of weeks. As a result NiMH batteries are excellent for high power devices such as digital cameras however, unless charged shortly before use, normal NiMH batteries are generally unsuitable for medium to low drain devices because of their high self discharge, especially when use is infrequent.


  • sandgroper
    http://www.ozbatteries.com.au/images07/charger-ncmqn04a-e.jpg http://www.ozbatteries.com.au/images07/high_quality_battery.gif
  • sandgroper
    Also available for $51 + shipping is this fast charger/discharger for those in a hurry! http://www.ozbatteries.com.au/images07/charger-mw1270-hr-3utg.jpg
  • admin EDITOR
    I'll give you a hot for anything that encourages re-use of products and recycling - even if its not a monetary bargain I reckon its worth spending the money on. Ps - I'd take the fast one as it looks like its got a multistage charge cycle on it - it'll make your batteries last longer.
  • Emma EDITOR
    I'll hot it up too. I'm a supporter of all things rechargeable. No Duracell bunnies for me.
  • nod
    Hot from me too Sandgroper :)

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