Eneloop 1500 Super Power Pack with 12 AA, 4 AAA, 2 C & D Spacers, 4 Position Charger & Storage Case

17 August 2012

Just saw this on amazon best selling list
Total shipped to Australia at time of posting is $50.42 USD = ~ $50 AUD

Kit contains
-4-Position Charger
-12 AA eneloop Rechargeable Batteries
-4 AAA eneloop Rechargeable Batteries
-2 "C" Spacers that Ingeniously Power "C" Devices with AA Batteries
-2 "D" Spacers that Ingeniously Power "D" Devices with AA Batteries
- Attractive & Reusable Carrying Case

Direct Amazon link : http://www.amazon.com/Sanyo-SEC-N16SETEVP-eneloop-Spacers-Position/dp/B0058N6JUE/

My Affiliate link if you want to share the love : http://amzn.to/NJuON9

These would cost heaps more shipped if purchased from an Australia retailer , but not sure if you can buy them here


  • stevehl
    Link: http://amzn.com/B0058N6JUE Review: http://www.cpfreviews.com/Batteries-Sanyo-Eneloop-Green-Online.php 27/08/12 - deal is still on US $39.95 + 10.97 postage to Australia = US$50/96 delivered - not too bad for 12 AA, 4 AAA, 2 C and D Spacers, 4 Position Charger (worldwide voltage - but will need a US to Australia adapter) and Storage Case. 1) This charger is designed to charge 2 or 4 pcs of AA or AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries. AA and AAA batteries can be charged at the same time. 2) If you want to charge 4 pcs of AA or AAA, put batteries into the charger compartments, taking care to observe polarity (+/-) as indicated inside the charger. 3) If only charging 2 batteries at a time, place the batteries in the left or right side compartments of the charger. 4) Swing plug out and plug into AC100-240V outlet. 5) Confirm that the indication lights begin to flash. Do not plug in upside down. If plugged in upside down, it will finish charging before it is fully charged. 6) When charging is complete, the indicator lights will turn on constantly. Refer to charging chart for typical charge time. 7) After charging is done, unplug the charger from the outlet and swing plug back into place. Complete charger manual can be downloaded from [url]www.eneloopusa.com[/url] Sanyo NiMH Battery Charger: The charger included in Sanyo Eneloop Power Pack is 4 bay overnight charger. The charging current per channel is about 300 mA for AA sized Eneloop Battery where as it is 150 mA for AAA sized battery. The charger is designed to charge cells in pairs. It takes about 10 Hours to fully charge the Eneloop NiMH AA Battery.
  • admin EDITOR
    IMHO the quality of the charger makes a whole world of difference as to whether rechargeable batteries live up to the manufacturers claims. Crap charger quite route to killing the batteries. These eneloops arent bad. Have had 16 of them running stuff for a while and so far none have died. They do seem to retain about the 75% of charge level.

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