eCoupon code for $100 off Lenovo E530 laptops. $499 for the i3, $599 / i5, $849 / i7 - Delivered.

7 March 2013

This is not a bad deal at all.

Lenovo have their line of E530 laptops out at whats actually a very good price for direct from the manufacturer anyway. The E530 i3 is $599, the i5 $599 and the i7 $949. This is about as cheap as you'll get it on the market anyway.

Lenovo have then issued the attached coupon code which gets you a further $100 off. That means the i3 is $499, the i5 $599 and the i7 $849. The i3 as an example is selling elsewhere starting at around $610....

The Lenovo coupon code is valid for 100 redemptions only. I just checked and its still valid so not all 100 have been taken.

Might want to be quick - its a very good price for the Lenovo E530 laptops delivered. By the way there's also a 10% off coupon code for Lenovo but unless you top your order up to over $1000 your better off using the $100 off one.

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