Easter Egg hunt @ Dell: 15% off all XPS Notebooks and Desktops - 1pm till 2pm AEDT today

18 March 2008

Dell Egg Hunt Sale Starts at 1pm (AEDT) and ends at 2pm (AEDT), Tuesday 18th March 2008. Stay tuned for the Egg Hunt beginning soon! Find a cracking good deal from Dell!

Dell would like to offer you a 15%^ off deal for all Dell XPS Desktops and Laptops.
Simply shop and find our EGG attached products online and use the coupon code during check out to receive 15%^ off!
At 1pm on Tuesday 18th March 2008, we will have the coupon code available. Follow the link to the deal to get the information then.

Dell Happy Egg Hunt Sale Products are available on:
- All XPS Desktops
- All XPS Laptops

**Admin edit - if your wanting to buy and get cashback please click on the go to deal link FIRST. That activates the tracking mechanism - then the voucher details can be found at http://www1.ap.dell.com/content/default.aspx?c=au&cs=audhs1&l=en&s=dhs

EDIT: Deal extended till 4pm.


  • admin EDITOR
    Good find closey - hot vote from me. The only thing to watch will be that Dell hasnt 'adjusted' their price to take into account the 15% off.
  • admin EDITOR
    Am getting a dead page when I go to that link - probably to do with a session the site creates
  • admin EDITOR
    There is an issue with the way the link is working. Until we fix it... anyone wanting to get cashback on a purchase first click ]here to get your cookie active and then go have a ]look at the competition
  • trevorf
    Hot, especially since Dell deals usually exclude the XPS range.
  • kearnsy
    well they won't adjust there pricing, however the reality of 15% is probably not accurate. Some of the extra deals that Dell had on the XPS range expired yesterday (eg. upgrade to 2 year warranty). So if you take for example the XPS 1530 ($1899 model) that lost the warranty extension (- $190) and with the 15% off it is $285. So the net savings is in the order of $95. So realistically the % off would be around 5% not 15%. I guess 5% is better than nothing, but certainly not 15%!
  • closey
    Well, looks like the Dell site has taken a battering, reminds me of Jetstar! :D
  • mrdravid
    Due to some customers having difficulties ordering our products online because of a website technical issue, we will extend the Egg Hunt Sale until 4pm today 18th March 2008. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused to our customers.
  • admin EDITOR
    thanks for the update mrdravid
  • wheadle
    damn missed it :( added my hot vote anyway
  • swloi
    I have bought a XPS M1530 laptop but unfortunately the cookie has been blocked and would probably need to contact Dell directly before putting a claim for cash back =)
  • Wally
    EXPIRED - 4pm yesterday

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