EagleTec 1GB Secure Data (SD) Card - $8.90 @ Crazysales !!!

15 November 2007

This item is a Brand New EagleTec 1GB Secure Data (SD) Card.

This 1 GB Secure Digital (SD) Card is designed for use in a wide range of digital devices, including digital music players, cellular phones, handheld PCs (HPCs), digital cameras, digital video camcorders and car navigation systems. You can easily move this card between devices without having to reformat. It features a write protect switch on the casing for additional security. Offering a high transfer speed of 6MB/sec, it provides a convenient and durable solution for data storage.


  • lilpretzel
    Now $8.90 ( Down $1 ) My shipping = $9 to Brisbane.
  • ozpete
    Yea this looks like a bit of - down on price up on shipping. The SD memory card would fit in a small parcel, where as a random check of another product --- Pasta Protona" Pasta Protona Quick Pasta Maker 8 PCS Set with Free Recipe Book As Seen on TV ----shipping is only $6 and this is a much larger item - both via eparcel. From [url]www.crazysales.com.au[/url] -- so I guess either I or they are crazy to buy this or maybe both of us. Doesn't give you much confidence in their deals or ethics and then there's MSY where you can get a more known brand - 'kingston" for $9 for 1gb and 2gb for $15 [url]www.msy.com.au[/url]
  • admin EDITOR
    There's been a real spate of these cheap item high shipping merchants coming online. Sort of an ebay mentality. 9 bucks is cheap compared to the $14 I've seen elsewhere for the same sort of item.

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