DVD+R 16X Media 25 Pack for ony $4.95 @ Topbuy steal of the day

3 April 2008

# Media Type: DVD-R (DVDR)
# Media Capacity: 4.7GB
# Video recording time: 60min (High Quality), 120min (Standard Play), 180min (Long Play), 240min (Extended Play), 360min (Super Long Play)
# Media Recording Speed: 1X-16X


  • geo78
    you will have to buy 2 or more packs to make this a better deal than http://www.buckscoop.com.au/forums/showthread.php?t=8256 because you have to add the shipping costs :)
  • photographyisart
    shipping is ridculously overpriced sadly :( 10.95 is a rip off!! too bad they dont have free shipping is ricoh a good brand?
  • geo78
    this offer is now expired

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