DVD/DivX/MP4, region free, DVD player PLUS 300 games and 2 game pads $70 at MSY

12 July 2007

I have been brave and trolled around the MSY site and found this available in the NSW clearance bin.
Here is what you get for 70 bucks:
"DVD/DivX/MP4 Progressive Scanning Region Free DVD Player with
300 Games & 2 Game Pad, USB Connection"

No brand on it but the details on MSY are always scarce. So anyone in NSW is wandering near a MSY can give more info on this DVD/DivX player it would be very much appreciated
Great to know about the game selection


  • nod
    Or you can get the DVD player alone for $55 So anyone can get to a MSY tomorrow or has seen these?
  • admin EDITOR
    They've cross posted that into the clearance sections of the other states as well so looks like they'll ship it nationwide. To find what we're talking about go to the MSY site > Parts Prices List > and then click on one of the states. Makes me wonder what the 300 games are. Whether they're just a bunch of timelocked trials or gimmicky little things like patience.
  • nod
    300 does sound a lot doesn't it? :confused: But I am not a gamer at all... so no idea what sort of titles are available to play on this unit. Calling all Buckscoop gamers: "What sort of titles do you think you could play on this?"
  • Emma EDITOR
    I have been brave and trolled around the MSY site and...
    You were brave!! @ Admin - I couldn't see it in Victoria, but it's shown in the NSW category. I've no idea what the games would be at all.
  • admin EDITOR
    Ha - the games version of it is not for sale in Vic..... but the non game one is... go figure.
  • nod
    more games in Vic so they don't have any left ?!?! :D
  • stilted
    The games are likely emu console - NES or sega MS
  • nod
    Thanks for that Stilted. Do you think they would be worth the extra cash?
  • nod
    More info on this: Sexy Slim Mirror Front Panel, Support DivX/Xvid/MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4/MP3/WMA/JGEG Video & Audio Format, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/+RW, CD-R/RW Recordable Media, Signal System : Auto/NTSC/PAL with – Dolby AC3 Surround Digital, dts, Karaoke, 5.1, Multi-Zone, Universal Power Supply 90-240V 50/60Hz, Short Circuit Automatic Protection
  • admin EDITOR
    This DVD player is still on sale at $55 but without the games USB connection and 2 game pad to go with it. Obviously not a fast moving product.

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