Duracell All-in-One Battery Charger Shipped for $11.98 @ Catch Of The Day

2 July 2013

The Duracell All-in-One Battery Charger is usually over $30, but I found it on Catch of the Day for only $11.98 with shipping.

Other retailers that I could compare prices with were Deals.com.au who was selling the same charger for $19, Office Supplies for $27.95, TopBuy for $29.95 and Emergencyoffice.com.au for $42.59 (excluding shipping).

This charger has place for 4 x AA or AAA batteries (or two of each at the same time).

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  • stinkmeister
    I personally think its better to get a proper intelli charger rather than one of these bulk ones that wreck batteries quickly.
    Edited By: stinkmeister on 2013/07/02 19:25:54: Forgot something

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