dStore - 'Waterhorse' PC games $4.95ea

12 November 2009

dStore - 'Waterhorse' PC games $4.95ea



  • kazyazy
    Excellent price!! Thanks anita :D
  • wheadle
    nice one. good stocking fillers apparently :D
  • kazyazy
    Big W entertainment are selling this for AUD$37.45; Nintendo DS Game;
  • kazyazy
    Thanks for shopping online with dStore. Regarding your order for The Waterhorse: Legend Of The Deep, unfortunately due to a stock level error, we are unable to supply this item for you. Whilst the item appeared to be in stock when you placed your order, our database takes a few minutes to reflect the available stock level. We realise this may be disappointing to hear and I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. :( :( Awwwwww
  • taskel
    Wonder if it was just a misprice , does seem really good, too good to be true probably... :( The DS game doesn't seem to be there, though the PC game still says in stock? Which one did you order Kazy?
  • kazyazy
    I ordered the DS game ..and I think they just made a mistake with the price.. :(
  • lilpretzel
    That is so wrong kazy, I feel it was in stock but yes could had been a pricing error, they need to be honest. If this happened at BigW etc you would get it for that price. Did anybody receive the game?
  • taskel
    Thats crap, what if you rang and said you were really unhappy and you were counting on it being delivered as a birthday present or something...they might honour it.
  • kazyazy
    I am so angry because I ordered things with it I didn't really want to make the total over $30 for the free postage and now I'm not getting the game it was a big waste of money. :(
  • anita9933
    I ordered 2 and got the same message as well, and Im asuming I probably ordered before most people. :( Quite dissapointed as it was for a birthday present in a week, but they did refund me and also added a credit for shipping (which I had free shipping as I ordered over a certain amount). Sorry guys, didnt realise this would be the case. :(
  • MamaK
    I ordered and haven't received any emails (as yet anyway) My other part of the order is here already though
  • MamaK
    Scratch that, just got the email :(
  • odysseus
    If this happened at BigW etc you would get it for that price.
    Actually, you wouldn't. Big W just give you a $3 discount off the correct price.
  • kazyazy
    I feel like I have been baited by dstore to shop there with a great deal and they shouldn't have sent me the rest of my order before they told me I wasn't getting the game :(
    Sorry guys, didnt realise this would be the case. :(
    Its all good Anita...its not your fault at all :D

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