DSE - VirginBroadband modem + 16Gb data for $99

14 July 2011

Currently a Virgin usb dongle costs $49, coming with 4Gb of data to be used in 30 days. A 12Gb recharge costs $149 and lasts for a year. You can currently get both for $99 - so you end up with a usb dongle (that you can also put a micro sd card in, so it becomes a usb data key), plus a years worth of mobile data (assuming you're not a huge internet user). Would note that because you're putting on more than $80 or so, the modem itself can be unlocked from the Optus/Virgin network.

I actually got one, registered it, put on the credit, then cut the sim so it fits into my iPad. Now have a year's worth of mobile data for $99 - as most of the time it's within a wifi signal I doubt I'll get anywhere near using up all that data. Anyone want a usb 3g modem?

Not sure how long the deal is available, and I think it's a bricks & mortar job ie not online.


  • admin EDITOR
    Good find ninkasi. Cheaper than a straight 12gb top up if you already own a dongle and the 12 month expiry is good.
  • ninkasi
    OK - the current overall sale ends in three days (18/7), but this special appears to be valid until the end of this month. Fine print:
    Includes 16GB data with 365 days expiry. Only available in Optus 3G coverage stores. E8851. 4GB starter credit plus 12GB recharge voucher. Virgin pre-paid mobile broadband: Offer available between 01/06/2011 and 31/07/2011. Virgin prepaid mobile broadband standard starter pack and Virgin $149 mobile broadband recharge voucher must be purchased in the same transaction at a participating Dick Smith store. 16GB is available for 365 days when 12GB voucher is activated within first 30 days of 4GB starter pack being activated. Not for sale in NT. Proof of ID required. Modem is network locked and can be released after topping up $80 on new service. See Virginmobile.com.au/coverage. See virginmobile.com.au for more. Virgin Mobile (Australia) Pty Ltd ABN 67 092 726 442.
    I will note that I did try to apply the 12GB voucher against an existing Virgin Broadband service, and it failed - so it's perhaps specifically flagged as only able to be used for that first top up. So if you do have an existing service, looks like it's cheaper to bin your old key and use the new one!

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