DSE - Purchase TELSTRA Pre-Paid Wi-Fi 4G broadband + $180 recharge for $299 (save $50)

28 November 2012

The $180 recharge is 12GB for 365 days

Great deal if you need both.
Not as good as the pricing error that happened a couple of weeks ago, but note that this is not a pricing error.


  • wfdTamar
    Wow. Yes I got it for $169 with the $180 recharge. Pity I didn't get a few more.
    Edited By: wfdTamar on 2012/11/28 00:33:26: added the $180
  • admin EDITOR
    I got it for $169 with 5 gb of data the other week from the shop. Its not a bad little unit. Battery life is respectable and there's no configuration needed to get it to work.
  • wfdTamar
    Anyone know if you can use the $180 recharge for a Telstra Prepaid phone?
  • admin EDITOR
    I'm inclined to say that the $169 with 5 gb is better value $ wise but it has a 30 day expiry on it. If you take the recharge rates as a base and work backwards - for the $169 + 5Gb the unit hardware cost is $79 whereas with the $299 + 12gb the unit cost is $119. wfTamar - it's data only - doubt it will work for calls.
    Edited By: Donkey on 2012/11/28 00:55:57: blah

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