DSE - Optus 'my tab' ZTE android tablet for $99 inc shipping and 3Gb data.

9 June 2011

7 inch android tablet with 3Gb data to use over 3 months. Locked to the Optus network until you've put $100 worth of recharge but of course has wifi so if you are within range of a wifi access point (including some mobiles) then after 3 months you can just use it without the mobile 'phone features.

Originally released for just under $300 as I recall, then dropped to $150.... now available at a number of locations (not just DSE) for $99 - although they are also shipping it out for free.

Runs android 2.2 (if you get old stock, it might be 2.1 but it can be upgraded). Includes a 2Gb memory card, can support up to 32Gb. Info about it here: http://www.zte.com.au/optus/V9.htm

Optus link here: http://www.optus.com.au/store/phone/mytab_prepaid (but currently out of stock)

Resistive, not capacitive screen. Not a super grunty device, but good for general use. Not as good as a Galaxy and the like - but way cheaper. Lots of possible uses - for example, I'm using a cheapie android 1.6 tablet (that I had shipped over to me from Hong Kong that cost about this amount and had no local support etc) as a network connected photo frame. If you search for reviews, you'll see these are generally pretty positive. For the price, almost disposable! Heck - just the leather 'smart cover' for the ipad2 is $79.....


  • ninkasi
    Oh, buy a couple (plus maybe a cable or something to bring the total over $200), use paypal, and get $20 cashback. Also DSE give 3% buckscoop back so total cost for the two tablets would be $200-$6-$20=$174.... so that's $87 each.... ;-)
  • ninkasi
    Just noticed it being advertised in the local 'Good Guys' catalogue for the RRP of $99 - they frequently give a discount for cash so if you're interested and one of these stores is nearby, may be worth giving them a call....
  • admin EDITOR
    Cheaper than buying a kindle - which of course can be downloaded onto it if you dont mind reading off a crappy screen.
  • ninkasi
    Dang. Seem to have sold out online now.... have to hunt for a store that has one.

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