DSE- AMTC Blu Ray player 1080p Upscaling on special at $179 plus $9.95 shipping

8 January 2010

* Blu-ray playback at content native HD resolution of 1080p, 1080i & 720p
* Selectable DVD up-conversion (720p & 1080i & 1080p)
* HDMI version 1.3 , component video output
* Dolby® Digital ,dts®-HD, MPEG2 & 4, MPEG4-AVC, H.264, VC-1, BD-Java
* BD & DVD & VCD & CD & CD-R(RW) & DVD+R(RW) & Mp3 & WMA & JPEG Playback,
* BD Live 2.0, USB & Ethernet
* Full HD 1080P & 24p and 60p output, deep colour HBR audio support


  • taskel
    Big W Bd Player - DTV Forum Australia - Australia's Leading Digital TV and AV Forum "The disc tray must be open, then you type in this code - 973501 for region A - 973502 for region B I have tested this out on about three region locked blu rays and it works perfectly every time. The great thing about this player is it is also a region free DVD player." No idea if it works! :eek:
  • fishmonkey
    one thing to note with these players is that they don't support DivX playback...

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