Doro USB Broadband phone $19.95 from Deals Direct

5 July 2007

If you make a lot of VOIP calls, then it may well be worth investing in one of these phones.
Apparently an award winning design, though they don't tell you which award ;)
But you would be expected to pay over $60 for this phone not inc delivery so this is a good price.

Features listed on the DD site:
USB Broadband telephone
For Use with software such as SKYPE
Call Broadband phone to broadband phone free! (with free online software/services)
Easy to connect
Award winning design
Volume adjustment button
Compatible with Microsoft Windows 98se/ME/2000/XP/Mac0S9/OSX
Conform to USB 12 Mbps 1.1 standard
Conform to USB Audio device release 1.0
Operation voltage 4.25 to 5.25V
Protocol independent


  • nod
    This lovely item is still available at DD :)
  • Brad
    Lovely surge in the cashback rate this month, and we've got a while to go! How high will it go?
  • nod
    This is now $17 with the 15% off discount! BARGAIN :)
  • nod
    Another edit as I have just found a free shipping code for DD So you now only pay $19.90 :)
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - you like playing with this deal dont you.. Good combination of code, cashback and delivery freebie nod.
  • nod
    just trying to get the best price ;)

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