DickSmiths: Star Wars Complete Blu Ray $88 FREE Delivery (3 day deal)

26 September 2011

Great deal for Aussie version of Star Wars Complete Blu Ray Collection
Only $88 with free delivery.

There are other deals too including a wireless doorbell chime for $12.49 that caught my eye.

Click through to see the other deals.

It is a 3 Day Deal that is only available online.
I'm assuming that Dick Smith cashback through Buckscoop is also available...


    Nice find! I just got mine from AmazonUK this week which ended up costing around $75 after a price drop from the pre-order price and now there out of stock and going for double that from a seller advertising through the AmazonUK site... Although it doesn't mention if it is the package with the included film cell from the movie like the Amazon product was, but still, less than $10 a disc for blu-ray quality is a steal!!!
  • queenshrew
    Sadly it's sold out, so I'll expire this deal..

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