Dick Smith - Wii Super Paper Mario Bundle $499, save $109

6 April 2008

Includes Wii console, 2 sets of controllers (Wii remote and nunchuk), Wii sports game, Wii Play game & Super Paper Mario game.

There have been a few bundles out and about, the one available at Target is slightly cheaper but comes with 1 less game and the game choice is 2 games I wouldn't want... This one here comes with 3 popular games.


  • craftykiwi
    Pretty good especially as you said the other games bundled with the Wii at target are ones we wouldn't want either. Heard that Wii play isn't that great but certainly better than the others. Haven't heard of Super Paper Mario but Mario Galaxy is on a wish list for a coming birthday and is meant to be excellent.
  • geo78
    toys'r'us have a Wii mario bundle for $439.98on page 11 of the current catalogue: http://www.toysrus.com.au/site/129038_Roto05_pg07-12.pdf it includes: Wii console and Sports, Mario & Sonic olympic games and $25 woth of Toy's'Us vouchers.
  • craftykiwi
    Even better - my son hired Mario Olympics and my first impressions were that it wouldn't be that good, but got hooked on the gymnastics trampolining and even at my age was quite good, and also enjoyed the Archery.

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