Dick Smith - TomTom XL 4.3" GPS Satellite Navigation For Under $200 + Free shipping Save $130

7 December 2009

I've got the 3.5" version of this, and paid $60 more when I bought it!

This is one of the best GPS' on the market. The EasyPort system is great - no separate windscreen mounts to carry - just fold it in and out from the back of the device.

The TomTom user interface is one of the best I've seen.

If you want an excellent satellite navigation system for a good price, this is it!


  • fishmonkey
    are there any domestic GPS systems that allow you to choose your own exact route???
  • enthusiast
    You can plan some pretty detailed itineraries on the TomTom!! I'm pretty sure you can even connect it to your computer via USB and plan them from there if you prefer... You can also select a destination and "travel via" a place or "avoid" a place etc. right on the unit.
  • Steptoe
    No SD card slot in this one?
  • fishmonkey
    apparently a lot of the lower spec Tom Tom models do not have SD card slots, although you can solder in your own card and install new bootloader firmware if you are DIY inclined...
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - ]how to here.

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