Dick Smith - Tivo twin tuner HD PVR 160gb - $599

11 August 2009

Tivo is usually $699 but Dick Smith Catalogue page 23 has it at $599 as a hot deal.

Some stores will negotiate on Tivo (JB HiFi), others wont.

Typically a good deal available most places that will negotiate is the Tivo + wireless adaptor for $630-$650.

Some people have done better in clearance sales etc but $599 marked price is good.


  • wfdTamar
    For anyone that doesn't know anything about these and the alternatives, here's a good comparison site: Features Main points for me would be: Hard drive size (160 is very small for HD recordings, though it can be upgraded) EPG (and whether you pay for it). Tivo EPG is free. IceTV is $50-100 per year. Ad skipping.
  • GreatWhiteHunter
    Agree the 160gb hard disk is very small. Best thing about Tivo is it's ease of use - much easier to use than anything other than Foxtel IQ. Note Tivo cannot record pay TV, only free to air. Some of the other PVRs (but not many) can record pay Tv as well as free to air.

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