Dick Smith- Seagate Expansion 2TB Hard Drive - $99 & free delivery (plus 3% Buckscoop cashback)

21 March 2012

Seagate external 2TB hard drive with free delivery and if you are logged in Buckscoop are showing 3% cashback as well.

Works with Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Mac OSX 10.4.8 or higher. NOTE: The Seagate Expansion Desktop comes pre-formatted with an NTFS partition. Mac OS X can read data from an NTFS partition, but not write (save to/copy to, etc) an NTFS partition. To resolve this issue, you must prepare the drive using Apple's Disk Utility


  • wheadle
    Nice. Back to the sub $100 we saw about a year ago. Or am I thinking about the 1TB. These did come out in 2010 didn't they. Have a vague memory that some people had an issue with it having connection issues. That is getting into a twist and resetting itself. Might want to look into this a bit more before you jump in for bargain
  • wheadle
    For those interested: ]Seagate Forums a number of members had issues

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