Dick Smith - Reduced to clear sale of near 700 items from 10 cents to $1397

6 July 2010

Take a look and if you find a bargain mention it in this thread for others to take advantage of.


  • queenshrew
    All the cheapies I clicked on are sold out :(
  • melscott28
    Nothing in stock i wanted
  • kickling
    It seems that DSE are making their final move in their "rebranding" regime where they are aiming to become more like a Harvey Norman retail store and get rid of all the little spare parts. So if you're a hobbyist/repair-ist this will be a good time to get some components ... otherwise pretty soon you'll have to get everything some somewhere like Jaycar.
  • enthusiast
    Those 10c items are amazing value! A must for everyone! :-P
  • port
    ]This is the correct link. One needs to click the well-concealed "Share" link to get a URL that you can post on-line - otherwise we can't add or view the items.
  • golfwidow
    Thanks Port. Just added new link to the deal :)

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