Dick Smith - Post Christmas sale. Laser printer $59; Wii Fit Plus $97; HP deskjet $29

25 December 2010

A number of decent deals - some only online, some with free shipping....

The wii fit comes with an extra "Active More Workouts".... you can also get a wii bundle with console, wii fit, and 'biggest loser' game for $349.


  • ninkasi
    The printers are tempting..... Went off HP a while ago because of their chipped cartridges that would stop working when there was ink in them, you couldn't get non-HP replacements, and they supplied their printers with 'demo' cartridges that would last maybe ten pages..... oh, and they stopped supplying printer cables with the printer. All added up to 'forget it' and I switched to Brother. But this comes with a usb cable, enough ink to print a couple of hundred pages.... and with the buckscoop cashback ends up being closer to $28, with delivery free... A laser would be nice to have to print text - review ]here seems to think it's ok. Not amazing, but ok with a running cost of under 5 cents per page. With the inkjet, it's rated at 190 pages with HP61 black cartridge - which is $22.88 at Big W so around 12 cents per page. Even if you buy the replacement drum/toner from Officeworks at $94, it still works out to be around half the cost of the inkjet..... of course, black and white only, and uses more power if you leave it in standby.... and you can perhaps save money by using refills..... so it more depends if you want the better quality laser text or prefer the ability to print colour.....
  • Wally
    Kmart has Wii Fit Plus bundle (inc balance board) for $88
  • ninkasi
    Kmart has Wii Fit Plus bundle (inc balance board) for $88
    Does it also come with "Active More Workouts valued at $19.94"? Not a biggie of course, as the games that come with the Wii Fit are pretty impressive...... $88 is pretty dang good though.... given that there are DSE's outside of shopping centres, if I wanted one I might pay an extra few bucks *not* to go into a Southland/Chadstone/etc over the next few days. I expect it's going to be busy-ish... :D
  • lilpretzel
    I really like my new wireless HP printer even got a $50.00 cash card when you bundle it with the photosmart cartridge pack ;) Just posted... ]Dick Smith - Spend Over $50.00 online with PayPal - Get 15% Cashback

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