Dick Smith Electronics - 50% off webcams sale.

20 April 2010

One day sale from Dick Smiths. This is the classic case of a pretty crappy sale. Its 50% off RRP which means diddly squat when RRP is some fanciful figure they pluck out of a warm dark spot when they launch a product.

Anyway - I'll pack my cynicism off... there are a couple of reasonable priced webcams in there so if your looking for one its worth checking out.

Ignore the MS Lifecam VX-1000 - the 50% off price at Dickies is more than you pay for it from other stores. The Logitech C120 price is ok though.

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  • admin EDITOR
    Just checked a few more of the prices and generally you'll save $4/$5 on the price you could get the same one from elsewhere.

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