Dick Smith - Buy a Mac get a Free 8GB Ipod Touch

6 December 2011

In their latest catalogue on page 14-15 it has the offer of a free black or white 8GB Ipod Touch when you purchase a Mac.
Sale starts tomorrow.


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    On the product page for the iPod touch they are giving away a $20 itunes card and an in car charger. If its not being included as part of this deal probably worth hassling them to include it as well.
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    Just comparing the Dick Smith price on the MC966X/A model - the base price is a little high - about $100 compared to what you can pick it up for elsewhere but if you factor in the $198 or so in value for the touch plus the 3% cashback offered at DS ($50 or so) it works out to be a pretty good deal at around $1749. Its possible also that you could price match it (although you wouldnt get cashback on a price match). JB Hi Fi are running a ]10% off mac computers promo on Dec 7th from 6pm till late which means that if you dont want a touch the base price for a machine on that night will be pretty good - ie $1618 for the same model.

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