Dick Smith - Apple iPod Touch 8GB - $199

26 March 2010

In store & online @ DSE they've the 8gb ipod touch for only $199 until Sunday. Saves about $45 off the next best price.

* 8GB
* Save Up to 1,750 Songs
* Save Up to 10 Hours of Video
* Up to 30 Hours of Audio Playback
* Up to 6 Hours of Video Playback
* Includes Earphones, dock adapter and USB 2.0 cable

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  • nlafanclub
    Not sure why your post hasn't be hit by a ton of "Hot" votes for this one, taskel. My friend just bought one from DSE for $239 a week or two ago for her son's 18th & that was definitely the best deal around here at the time, so $199 certainly made me vote hot :) I have noticed that I can't access the DSE website at all right now however, so maybe this price is causing them a bit of a melt down (maybe?). I know it'll cause my friend to have a meltdown when I tell her about this price next week - I mean how could I not tell her :whistling: *The page finally loaded with the following message: [CENTER]" This Store is currently experiencing heavy traffic and cannot serve your request. Please try again later."[/CENTER] [LEFT]Oh-oh! :p [/LEFT]

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