Dick Smith - 42inch Plasma for $499 delivered

6 May 2010

Taskel has already put info about the overall sale, but I just thought it might be an idea to have a separate entry for this deal as I reckon it's pretty special.

From the 12th to the 13th they are offering a HD (not Full HD) plasma tv for $499. Online offer only, but price includes delivery. The tv has an rrp of $799, and DSE normally sell it for $699, but it can be had here (http://www.eljomedia.com.au/Vivo_42_HD_Plasma_TV_p/viv-pdp42hd.htm) for $659.

According to http://www.energyrating.gov.au/ it has a 2 and a 1/2 star energy rating, using 693 kWh/annum with normal use which isn't too bad.

Look, this is not a top of the line plasma (Italian design, made in China) so you can expect some compromises - eg fewer inputs, ordinary speakers, and would definitely take care in running the set in initially - but it is the cheapest I've ever seen a 42 inch plasma on offer. Even JB's "Soniq" equivalent is $598. I had been thinking about getting a Panasonic for the kids games room but this is half the price.... with the difference I could get a PS3....


  • ninkasi
    The company web site is ]here. They don't have info about this tv though - it's a new model I think, and they haven't updated their site for six months or so.... Specs for the set (according to DSE) are as follows: * VIVO 42" HD Plasma TV PDP42HD * Aspect Ratio 16:9 * Response Time 8ms * Max. Resolution 1024 (H) × 768 (V) * Contrast Ratio 10000:1 * Display Color (max)16.7M * Color System PAL ⁄ HD-DVBT * Audio Stereo System Yes * CVBS + AUDIO R⁄L x 1 * TV(RF) x 1 * PC Analog Port x 1 * AV OUT x 1 * Coaxial x 1 * S-Video x 1 * HDMI x 2 * YCbCr⁄YPbPr x 2 * USB ×1 * DTV 1080i, 720pYes * Teletext Yes * Nicam Yes * DVB-T(HD) Yes * OSD Language English * Instruction Manual, Remote control. * Unit Dimensions: 145(W) x 85(D) x 11(H) cm
  • ninkasi
  • ninkasi
    For what it's worth, most top end brands go through a testing process that reduces the chance that later on down the track it might suffer "burn in" where an image is left on the screen for too long (eg a game console menu) and a ghost of that image remains for a while or even forever. It's never a good idea to leave an image fixed on a screen (plasma or lcd) even now, but screens are far more resistant than they used to be due to this factory testing process as well as advances in the tech itself. I would expect that at this price, though, they may skip a few steps so best thing is to do it yourself. Google is your friend here, but ]here's an initial thread. Some say that it's not necessary, and generally I'd agree, but with this set I'd probably err on the side of caution... ie for the first 100 hours or so, don't run it at high brightness, do run everything at full screen even if that means losing picture or image distortion, and don't leave any fixed images on the screen (that includes those annoying station identifiers the commercial channels seem to have now) for significant amounts of time (watching normal free to air is probably fine due to the ad breaks that will let the screen recover, but if you are using a pvr like a Tivo and skipping add then that might be an issue). There are DVDs you can get that are supposed to be able to help fix screens with issues - and I expect that they *might* work in some case, but are generally snake oil so best to avoid having to use them in the first place.
  • admin EDITOR
    heck - thats cheap.
  • ninkasi
    ain't it just.... I can remember when panels cost $15k plus and the tuner & power supplies were separate boxes.... And as ordinary as this panel might be compared to a current release Panasonic that costs twice as much or more, I expect it would be amazing compared to one of those.... It's like a current model Corolla beating an old E type jag in a drag race..... My only concerns might be if there is an issue with it - can I return it to the nearest dse store... and many of the high end plasmas have in-home service and I wouldn't want to have to pull this off the wall and post it to (say) Sydney to get fixed... Need to check the warranty...
  • ntowill
    It looks like they have a 1yr warranty and you have to return it to an authorised service centre for repair. Not sure where the service centres are though (nothing on their website)
  • wfdTamar
    but honestly, you buy a TV for entertainment, so why would you get one with such rubbish resolution.
  • ninkasi
    Ok.... The not at home warranty from a web store might be enough to make me think twice about getting it.... The resolution is not rubbish, just not as good as full HD, but for most people viewing a sub 50 inch screen from a normal distance, 720p is decent enough. At a stretch you could say why buy a $50k Commodore when you could get a much better Porsche.... But.... The warranty is like insurance - it's included in some of the other sets so if you're not willing to gamble then you probably need to include the cost of that in the set price and then the difference is not so great....
  • ninkasi
    OK - thought about it some more, and I think I'll go back to Plan A and fork out the extra cash for a Panasonic. In the possible but hopefully unlikely case of the TV having an issue, I have no desire to lug a heavy, and fragile, panel to a repair centre even if it's next door to me. I could probab;ly arrange/pay for an extended warranty that might provide at home service, but the extra cost is going to eat into that initial saving. If I'm that desparate to save money, I can always go to a place like "Panasales" and get a factory refurbished unit that has the ]standard warranty - with them anything that's bigger than 103cm (and 42 inch set is 106cm) you call and they come around and repair at home or pick up/repair/return. Panasales also sells new Samsung plasmas which are also pretty good and have a similar, or better, ]warranty. Would note, however, that refurbished Samsung panels have a limited warranty, so you'd have to be certain it is actually new. Frankly, though, I'll probably just find the best bricks & mortar price around locally and then have DJ's match it.
  • ravenclan
    Thanks for posting ninkasi, looks like a great deal still. wfdtamar I'm sure my kids wont mind the rubbish resolution, especially seeing as it will )hopefully) be replacing the old CRT they still have at the moment lol!!! Anything's gotta be better than that :D
  • Wally
    affordable domestic 3D can't be far away!!
  • wfdTamar
    I wouldn't buy anything less than the FullHD (1920 x 1080). I might allow a friend to buy a 1368 x 768 (that's not the correct figure, but the normal 'less than FullHD' are something like that). This TV is 1024 x 768- that means a rubbish picture. Warranty - found a kid selling grey imported huge Samsung TV's from Singapore on ebay, supposedly with full warranty. What he didn't say was you have to pay to return it to him in Sydney for repair (and that could mean a return to Singapore!).
  • wfdTamar
    If you want a TV for kids keep your eye out for a Sony KVHR31M36 (or KVHR31M32). They go for a few hundred and are still better than any TV I've ever seen. It's a FullHD CRT (weighs 88kg). 36" & 32" respectively. No HDMI though.
  • ninkasi
    The Sony KVHR36M31 was a nice set when it came out, but I personally would not recommend a five to ten year old TV whose capacitors etc may go to silicon heaven at any moment, probably causes the street lights to dim when you turn it on, and (if you got one of the first Japanese versions) only supports 720p (so is HD not Full HD) if you manage to work out how to enable it through the service menu (in case you were interested, from standby press the following buttons "?"; "5" ; "+"; "power"). Let alone the cost of reinforcing the floor where it's going to live.... ;-) 1024x768 (XGA) is ]standard resolution on entry level plasmas - agree that for a main TV I would not consider it, but for something that's normally going to be subjected to 4:3 content for the kids eg Dora the Explorer, Ben Ten, etc.... it really doesn't matter, and at this price it can probably be tossed in a few years time. I would also note that it's always possible that those specs are wrong - it's a new set and those specs came from the DSE web site...

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