Dick Smith - 1 day ONLY - $19.99 Eneloop Rechargeable Glitter 8AA Batteries + Free Ship (+3% cashbac

23 February 2012

1 x Eneloop Rechargeable Glitter 8 x AA Batteries
Sanyo is further celebrating the 5th Anniversary of eneloop by releasing eneloop glitter, a new limited edition pack of eneloop in size AA.

rrp $39.99

These batteries are soo pretty!
Best thing is they work straight out of the pack as they retain their charge, unlike other rechargeable batteries.

A special feature found in eneloop batteries from Sanyo is an extremely efficient (low) dormant discharge rate. That means, when not used, the charge is retained for long periods. Because the eneloop has a very low self-discharge, SANYO can ship the batteries in a charged state so they're ready to use out of the pack. In contrast to a disposable battery the eneloop can be charged 1000 times. This saves the environment and your purse. Thus one eneloop saves the waste of 999 disposable batteries.
I am assuming cashback is valid as no codes required...

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  • z28
    It shows $39.99 when you follow the link. Edit: My bad, it's only for one day (yesterday)

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