Dell Wasabi PZ310 - NO INK printer!!

9 December 2009

Dell is selling the Wasabi Ultramobile Photo Printer for $28.60 delivered, which also includes 24 sheets of photo paper with sticker backings. Bear in mind that the prints are only 2 x 3" so they're much smaller than a regular print. (in fact they're a quarter of the size! ;))

According to the website:

Print your memories as soon as they happen. Its small design and ease of use allows you to print anywhere and everywhere.
Print without wires using Bluetooth or by a PictBridge enabled Camera
Holds up to 12 sheets of adhesive-backed ZINK PaperTM
ZINKTM Zero-Ink Technology from ZINK Imaging means no ink is required to print

While customizing your order you can also choose to buy additional sheets of paper: 48 sheets for $6.60 & 96 sheets for $20.90 (and yes this pricing seems a bit odd....can i buy 2x 48 sheets for $13.20 Dell?? weird)

Oh one last thing to note: this printer was actually selling for $219 when it was first launched so either Dell are really getting into the spirit of Christmas or they're planning to discontinue the product. Just something to think about...

Printer can be found here:


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