Dell Vostro desktop range Additional monitor Price errors. 19" $37.40 & 22" $79.20

13 June 2008

Thanks to Mooglish for bringing this to our attention!

I have done a check and this error to what was already a nice discount of originally 19" SE198WFP for $99 and 22" E228WFP for $199

Now you can add either of these monitors to the following Dell ecodes and get them at the prices in the header.

Vostro 200 desktop R220607, 0608, 0609

Vostro 400 desktop R220610, 0611

Vostro 410 desktop R220615, 0616

Dont forget that most will allow the coupon code 3913182DC576 to be used at checkout for a further 5% discount and of course if you follow a dell link like this one then Bucky cashback should be available too.


  • redmarine
    its been fixed
  • admin EDITOR
    Damn - thanks redmarine

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