Dell up to 30% off selected Monitors, printers and projectors (3 day sale)

28 July 2009

Dell have a sale on the above items, BUT they seem to have errored as its supposed to be a max of 2 monitors per customer, the way they have it set up you need to buy 2 monitors the same to get the discount to kick in.

Now I can only suggest if any of the offers interest you, you either call dell to tell them of the error and get them to correct it so you can buy on line and make use of Bucky cashback too.

OR buy on the phone BUT you will not get any Bucky cashback buying that way.

I have been through all the monitors I can find that are included in the sale and listed them with the discounts applied and given the bottom line price.

10% Dell(TM) 18.5 IN1910N Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor (S14IN1910NAU ) $248.60 - $24.86 $223.74

10% Dell 19" Widescreen Flat Panel (E1909W) Monitor (S14E1909WAU) $258.50 -$25.85 $232

20% Dell 20" Widescreen Flat Pane (E2009W) Monitor (S14E2009WAU) $308.99 - $61.80 $247.19

20% Dell 22" Widescreen Flat panel (E2209W) Monitor (S14E2209WAU) $358.60 - $71.72 sale price $286.88

20% Dell(TM) G2210 22" Full HD Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor (S14G2210WAU) $389.00 - $77.80 $311.20

30% Dell(TM) 23" Full HD Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor (S142309WAU) $399.00 - $119.70 $279.30

10% Dell(TM) G2410 24" Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor (S14G2410WAU) $468.60 - $46.86 $421.74

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  • fishmonkey
    note that the E2209W is the cheaper 22" 16:9 model with the TN panel... the E2209WA (which is not included in this special) is the better model with the E-IPS panel which has got good reviews...

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