Dell Inspiron 9400 @ Dell Outlet $1750

27 June 2007

There's a good buy in the Dell Outlet at the moment.

The last machine in the list with bundle code DFO-3860840I. Its an Inspiron 9400 17". The get the same spec machine on the main Dell site it would cost you $2123. The spec is not bad either - Core 2 Duo, 2 gig Ram, 120 Gb Sata drive, vista business, office pro etc

Yes - being Dell Outlet its technically a used or refurb machine but the quality on these is usually virtually brand new. The machine itself might just be a return as opposed to an old machine. And of course you still get the 12 month warranty.

$370 bucks off is pretty good seeing as the comparitive machine I spec'd was on $200 discount and have a freebie upgrade to 2gb ram. And its not a bad way to get hold of office pro....

What do you think?

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