Dell Inspiron 6400 Notebook TV ad with discount too. 1.73GhzC2D, 2gig, 160Gb, dvdrw $948

23 December 2007

Dell have a 6400 on the TV adverts at the moment with a free upgrade to core2duo 1.73Ghz cpu and 15 months antivirus for $999.

We can get it cheaper by adding a code for 5% discount and of course there is bucky cashback to come too.

So click through which will take you to Dell small busines page, click on "You are here:" Australia and choose Home page, from the main Home page choose "As seen on TV" twice then scroll down to ecode Q541239 which is the deal with XP or choose "more details" to get to the deal with Vista (Q541240).

The coupon code to use at checkout is 391312F42C12

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  • nod
    Nice one Sandy. There seems to be a huge increase in the amount of good quality low end laptops that are around.. which is great for us :)

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