Dell Dimension E520 desktop system $1427.80. 22" TFT, 1.8Ghz core2duo, 2gig, 320Gb, TV+remote, plus

14 June 2007

click through to dell and enter E-Value Code Q240620 into the shop by ecode left box and just A in the right box. (The boxes are middle bottom of the dell main page) This will take you to the deal for this ecode on Dells small business pages where you need to be in order to use the discount voucher.

Spec is:
Dell Dimension E520 Core2Duo Processor E4300 1.8GHz, 2MB L2 cache, 800MHz FSB
2GB (2X1GB) NECC Dual Channel DDR2 667MHz SDRAM
320GB SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive with Native Command Queuing
Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium
ViewSonic VX2235wm 22 Wide Screen Flat Panel (ANA/DVI)
256MB PCIe x16 NVIDIA GeForce 7300LE TurboCache w/TV-Out, VGA & DVI
16X DVD+/-RW with Dual Layer Write Capabilities
56K PCI Data/Fax Modem
Integrated Fast Ethernet 10/100
2-Year Limited Next Business Day On-site Service
McAfee Security Center - 24 Months OEM (30 days Helpdesk included)

And to make full use of the over $1500 coupon which this deal desnt qualify for as its $1399 we add the following:
Dell PCIe Hybrid PAL/SECAM/DVB-T TV Tuner with Remote Control which cost $138.60
This takes us over the $1500 mark so we can now enter the coupon at checkout and for an extra $28.60 we have $138 worth of PAL/SECAM/DVB-T TV Tuner with Remote Control.

Use coupon code 39119961BB9D for an extra $100 off at the checkout


  • sandgroper Link to the endless possibilities of future audio-visual! The ViewSonic VX2235wm 22" multimedia LCD display comes with a golden aspect ratio of 16:10, ultra-fast 5ms video response, and proprietary display technology. It is setting the new standards for digital aestheticism. The full 22" screen with high 1680x1050 resolution allows for broader viewing and enhances productivity because it lets you work in two applications side by side without toggling. The ultra-fast 5ms video response time ensures true performance with smooth display for watching movies or playing video games. Combined, these features enable digital HD broadcast-quality full motion video so that you can be one of the first to experience high definition television! ViewSonic's OptiColor true color technology comes with 7 sets of default color adjust modules.The modules switch invariably from one to another, always allowing optimum display without a complicated memory setup process. OptiSync combines analog/digital input interface, connects to numerous multimedia playing devices, and displays both analog and digital signals in clear, crisp images. The elegantly streamlined design with built-in, high-quality multimedia speakers creates an evolutionary media center. The VX2235wm multimedia LCD display is the best in audio-visual experience!
  • nod
    I did write a comment on this but it disappeared :( Odd! Nice smart deal Sandgroper :) Bargain to get the scanner and remote for under 30 bucks! Viewsonics are quite a good screen too - wonder why they don't have a Dell screen though?
  • sandgroper
    There is a world shortage of the Dell 22" widescreen monitor at the moment, dont expect to see any until at least the end of the month. Methinks someone at Dell underestimated just how many they needed :o
  • nod
    Me thinks someone did too :D
  • wheadle
    shortage? how come?

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