Dell Crystal 22" Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor(S14CR22WAU) $500 discount Now $499

21 August 2009

And bucky cashback too!

Click through and scroll down the page to see the link to this deal.

Ultra clear tempered glass, desginer inspired stand, capacitive touch controls

22 widescreen
1680 x 1050 at 60 Hz
2ms res time
DVI/HDMI with HDCP, Subwoofer out, USB, Power Cable (all bundled into a single cable)
3 Years Advanced Exchange (Next Business Day)


  • sandgroper
  • fishmonkey
    Dell has slashed the prices on these because they were panned by critics and a huge flop... even at half price they are still overpriced for what they are, a TN panel with a piece of glass stuck on the front... if you needed a slick looking display for the front of an office or shop then you might be able to justify the price, otherwise nah...
  • admin EDITOR
    Check out the reflection on that monitor. That'd be a pain. Tis a fairly cool looking monitor though, I'll give them that. Pricey for a 22".

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