Dell 810 all in one printer now $61 with Belkin mastercube surge protector

31 March 2008

R810410 - Dell All-In-One Printer 810

It may be easier to click through then click to return to the main Home/home office page and click the 48hr deals banner thats now in the middle of the page.

Click through and search for R810410 then at checkout enter coupon code 391126B2B002 for 10% discount.

Free Belkin Home Series MasterCube

All-In-One Convenience! Print, scan and copy on the Dell All-In-One Printer 810. The 48-bit flatbed scanner scans documents and photos with great accuracy and vivid color. The tri-color single cartridge design is quick and easy to replace. It's the perfect match for your Dell PC. The 810 also comes with access to Dell's service and support staff including 12 x 5 toll-free Technical Phone Support and 1-year Advanced Exchange Service.


  • sandgroper
  • golfwidow
    Maybe a blonde question but is the surge thingy just for the printer?
  • sandgroper
    Maybe a blonde question but is the surge thingy just for the printer?
    Its about $30 bucks worth of pc surge protector, here is the blurb, sorry its so long. The Home Series offers wall mount-direct, plug-in surge protection for your entry-level desktop computers, notebooks, peripherals, phone/fax/modem, kitchen appliances, standard household electronics, and more. Perfect for use during business or personal trips. The Home Series comes with a AUS$55,000 Lifetime Connected Equipment Warranty. Provides essential protection and insurance against electrical surges - even lightning. • Lifetime Product Warranty - Belkin will replace, free of charge, any Belkin surge protector that is defective or expires after protecting your electronic devices. • Connected Equipment Warranty - Belkin will repair or replace any equipment damaged by a surge, spike, or lightning strike while properly connected to a Belkin surge protector, up to the value of $55,000. • Telephone Protection - Provides protection against surges and lightning strikes that travel down the telephone line causing damage to your modem, router, fax or telephone. • Joule Rating - 1181J. A joule is the measurement of energy a surge protector can absorb. A higher joule rating reflects higher-quality surge protection. • Protected and Earthed indicators - The indicators show that your electrical wiring is properly earthed and that your surge protector is working properly. • EMI/RFI Noise Filtration - 150kHz~100MHz up to 43db reduction Number of Outlets 1 x AC outlet with phone/fax protection
  • admin EDITOR
    from what I can make out its a single output device - so yes would be your answer.
  • golfwidow
    Thanks for that. Didnt mean to make you go to so much effort though :o :)
  • sandgroper
    Its total loading is 2400watts so you would plug it into the mains socket and then use adaptors to feed all your kit from there so its all protected. also feed your phone line through it to protect against surges on there too.
  • geo78
    this offer is now expired

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