Dell 48hr special 10% discount on 24" E248WFP widescreen monitor $539 delivered

31 March 2008

It may be easier to click through then click to return to the main Home/home office page and click the 48hr deals banner thats now in the middle of the page.

click through and search for R11248W and once at checkout enter coupon code 391126B2B002 for 10% discount.
Dont forget there is bucky cashback too!

1920 x 1200 native resolution Stunning detail and more viewable real estate without compromising desk space.
5 millisecond response time Helps reduce ghosting and motion blur when gaming or watching movies.
1000:1 contrast ratio Produces darker blacks for sharper images, crisp text, better colour saturation and greater detail for HD entertainment.
High Definition (HD) Everything looks better in HD.
Dell TrueColor Technology Richer, life-like imagery that has accurate colour representation better tones and hues. Reds, greens and blues are deeper and more vibrant.


  • sandgroper
  • admin EDITOR
    good deal sandy.
  • Wally
    God dammit it's hard to resist at that price!!
  • geo78
    is that such a good value? some time ago was $449, isn't it? with just $501 delivered you can buy an ACER AL2416WD
  • Wally
    Heh! Must have been away on the day it was soo cheap! I noticed it said ENTRY level monitor but the Specs appear to be the same :-/ Prolly goodthing I didn't see the one day special .. as I really do not neeed one! Hmm the Acer looks good .. same panel and all .. but does it have the same number of input connections as the Dell? Don't suppose either has HDMI

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